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Careful reading the conditions and terms of registration,you can complete the account registration to provide us with your contact and delivery details.

SIM Top up

Add credit to your Global SIM from anywhere in the world at any time. Our instant top up vouchers are a convenient way to add credit to your account. The credit is immediately applied to your account once you hame completed your purchase. You do not need to manually redeem the voucher.

SIM Control Panel

You can use your phone number (including the 44 prefix but not the + sign) as your user name and the password is initially the PIN of your Global SIM card.

Would you like to save up to 85% on call charges and receive calls for free?

International SIM card has the answer!

- Calling cheaper and free roaming in more than 88 countries, including all European countries-
America- Africa- Canada- Australia- China- Bahrain- India- Kuwait- Russia and...
-Tariffs for international calls, less than operators of each country.
- Having Internet & Data in all countries.
- UK number + Us number on the same SIM.
- Free diversion to lines of every country.
- Ability to change the SIM card setting via the web.
- Ability to send your voice messages to your mail. Voice mail to mail.
- Easy instant Top up.
- New feature of connectivity to SIM Card network (sea net oghyanus) to provide antenna service in the oceans and seas.
- Free 24-hours online support.


Where are you traveling?

you can enter email and mobile number for recieve latest news in email and mobile.

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Benefits For Holiday Makers

Typical savings of around 85% compared with your usual mobile
Easy to use
No roaming charges in more than 88 countries
LOW calling and SMS rates
No contracts, monthly charges or connection fees
Keeping in touch with home need not cost more than your flight!
Uses existin

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Benefits For Travelers

One SIM for all countries - Slash The Cost Of Your Mobile Phone Calls When You Travel Abroad !
No need to buy a SIM in each country -
No Roaming charges in more than 88 countries -
LOW calling and SMS rates -
Free diversion to lines of every country even Iran -

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British Airways

All British Airways members will be offered to get an international SIM card for free.

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